Monday, January 21, 2013

Make Happiness!!! Really??!! YES!!!

As a key element of any “good” life, happiness stands alone as the most significant factor. While many factors determine what “happiness” means to each of us, it is a very worthwhile study putting an eyeball on what these factors are. When we know what they are, we can make more of them or shape a plan to include more of them in our day to day business. During last weekend’s “BEST” program, we discussed happiness. Here are some (hopefully) helpful tips to think about:
Elements Crucial to Human Happiness:
-Pursuing meaningful life goals
-Scanning the world for opportunities
-Cultivating an optimistic and grateful mindset
-Holding onto rich social relationships
Happiness Creation Techniques:
-Meditation: breathe deep, count, focus on breath
-Find something to “look forward to”
-Commit “Conscious” Acts of Kindness
-Positive Surroundings
-Spend Money-on experiences with friends/family
-Exercise a signature strength
All of these exercises “change” our mindset. Chemically, the good stuff begins to flow and the bad stuff stops flowing. Our bodies are influenced by our mind in many complex and real ways. Our performance is absolutely linked to our state of mind. A positive state of mind is a powerful tool leading towards positive outcomes in literally every aspect of life; success in work, relationships, problem solving, creativity, etc, etc, etc…Huge science validates these assertions. We are capable of much more with a healthy, happy mindset. This seems like common sense, but not necessarily common practice. Deliberately and intentionally “changing” your mind…changes everything…
Feel free to call or e-mail if you want/need further explanation about any of these concepts! FYI…much of this information is available in “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor. This is a great resource for anyone looking for a deeper explanation about how and why this shit actually works!!!!! -Dave

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New can be!!!!

Trouble is inevitable. Misery is optional.
With the idea that we have absolute control over whether or not be are happy or miserable, I have designed a simple program to help folks choose and create more happiness in their lives.  

The “BEST” Program

B- Body: Fitness, Nutrition
E- Energy to do more of what you LIKE to do!!
S- Stress relief. Improved sleep
T- Time: Manage time to allow for more TIME doing what you like to do!!

Genuine and lasting “quality of life” is the goal. This is a proactive program designed to move you forward in the areas of life that are not “contributing fully” to your BEST LIFE!!

Everyone KNOWS that exercise and proper nutrition are good. Everyone also knows that stress and poor sleep are bad. While we will explore both the “hows and whys” of the good and bad, this knowledge has proven insufficient in producing any real results. Very simply, information is not transformation!! KNOWING is not DOING!! Doing creates results. We will achieve a basic understanding about HOW things work, physiologically and psychologically, but the focus will be on forward motion.

Through this program, the only goal is meaningful RESULTS for you!! Using simple and practical techniques, we will develop actionable goals that will lead you towards a better life. Change involves action. YOU WILL ACT!! Effort will be involved and expected. This will not be a hand-holding, self-affirmational, spiritual voodoo-speak hoopla, hug-fest. Though, I like a lot of that stuff, this program is designed for action. You will be accountable to yourself to complete the tasks YOU outline in a framework that is realistic and achievable, but defined and designed to move YOU and YOUR life where you want it to go!!

With the fundamental principles of positive psychology as a backdrop, this program is deliberately structured to be FUN!! Science has FINALLY delivered the truth that we already knew…we perform better when we are happy!! With this in mind, we will explore some interesting ways to create happiness that we can use as tools to help us truly achieve our BEST LIFE!!!

This is a six week program, with classes held at Waterland CrossFit on Saturday mornings at 9am. Cost is FREE for Waterland CrossFit members. $60 for non-members.

This is a great way to jump start the New Year and put some intentional action behind the resolutions. Dreams CAN come true!!! It just takes a little work…

I look forward to helping YOU have a fantastic life!!!!
Let me know if you are attending or if you have any questions or concerns:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 for 1 October Special Deal!!!!!

Ok!!! The kids are back in school. The days are getting shorter. Perhaps the summer fun filled with BBQ and cocktails has those cool weather clothes fitting a little bit more snuggly than you remember. If this is the case...have we got a deal for YOU!!
    2 for 1 October unlimited CrossFit classes!! or 1/2 price for a person without any friends!!! Come in and see what this all about!!!
    This is an outstanding value and, if you have been considering trying CrossFit, NOW is a perfect time!! Don't wait another day, month or year to BEGIN!!! Change happens when you make it happen.
    Open to ANY and ALL conditioning levels. If you are NOT fit, that's EXACTLY WHY you should come in. If you are fit, you can be MORE me...Call or e-mail to schedule your FREE INTRO class!! -Dave

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Wednesday Cool Down" -Balance

Good morning, beginning this week, I am starting a new idea!! Each Wednesday, I am going to share some thoughts on thing I think are important to be conscious of that are important in achieving a truly better life. Everyone in the box works hard improving their fitness. Understanding that many "fit, but miserable" people exist, I want to make sure Waterland CrossFit has none of those!! A healthy mind and spirit are vital to a good, rich and truly healthy life. Balance is the key. Enjoy your day!!

“What some people call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn’t much better than tedious disease.”
                    -George Dennison Prentice in 1860

While this may seem an odd sentiment to be expressed by the owner/coach of a CrossFit gym, I hope it explains, in some small way, my personal philosophy about the need for balance in all areas of life. Exercise and diet are the absolute cornerstones to a good life, however, in a good life, we also require a couple of other cornerstones to complete it.
      Mind and spirit are the others and how we nurture these is as important as anything we will ever do in the box. Recognizing the “whys” of our fitness goals is a good first step. By being aware of what motivates and drives us to suffer on some level during a tough WOD, is vital to actually having it mean something. The “whys” are as different as people are, but vital to every one of us. Exercise is a beginning, not an end. Being good at box jumps for the sake of being good at box jumps is kind of stupid to me. Box jumps suck and cannot stand alone as motivation to me. Understanding how a higher fitness level translates into a higher quality of life is the key message here. So this week, be mindful of YOUR “why”. Exercise is meant to improve and supplement a better life. Only in a few, very perverse people does it define a better life. We all define our lives differently, but I believe that the relative amount of joy and happiness we have and can share is or should be a standard metric in making these evaluations.
     Some days, the WOD is not much fun. It is important to remember what you’re working FOR. And it is equally important that many things more important than your FRAN time define your life. Be aware of these and nurture these things even if they include a late night spent with friends laughing and eating and/or drinking too much. Enjoy the balance of a banana split once in a while and know that it is a fine reward for your hard work. You deserve all good things that happen and have zero reason to feel bad about a reward for your efforts. Balance is the key. Keep it all in perspective. Work hard, but play and enjoy all of it!!! That’s the point. All else is pretty meaningless.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

120301 WOD

200 m. run
20 leg lifts
20 Russian twists
10 Wtd. GM
15 min. AMRAP

Warm up: 20 push ups, 10 rec. lunge, shoulder p/t x 3

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

120228 WOD

5-50's x 2
Wall ball
Push ups
Jumping Pull ups
Sit ups
Box jumps

Warm up: Run 200m., Samson stretch, 10 Good mornings

Monday, February 27, 2012


If you have anything valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature.
                              -Bruce Barton