Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Times they are a changin’…Part: who knows???

 Well, in life and business, change happens. It must for us to grow. Waterland Fitness is growing by shrinking. I am ending my year-long experiment with a larger space. The reason is simple: math. We did not need the additional space and the extra overhead makes an already tenuous business even more so. It’s simple economics. We are returning to our original back space, with some modifications, which served us well for several years. I am excited about being able to buy some new equipment and sponsor some fun events and this feels like a wonderful step forward to me…

Soooo, if you or someone you know is in the market for some great store front space in Des Moines (with cool neighbors!!) Let me know…

Also, in another other “expansion” effort, I am returning to the real estate business. As some of you may know, prior to beginning my Waterland CrossFit experience, I was a pretty successful agent with John L. Scott Real Estate in Des Moines. I am returning to these roots and I am excited about it. I have come to understand that my version of gym ownership (quaint and personal) is not a sustainable lifestyle job. My hope is that my real estate career can help fill in the gaps, certainly economically, but also as another avenue of service that I like and need very much.

 I love helping people have better lives and think that both of my little ventures allow me opportunities to do this. And, as always, I would love your support!! If you are ready to begin or restart your fitness journey, come on in!! And…if you or someone you know needs some help with home buying or selling questions…call me!! I look forward to helping in whatever ways I can. Happy Holidays!!! -Dave

Dave Markwell
Waterland Fitness owner/coach
John L. Scott Real Estate- Des Moines Office

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More new things at Waterland Fitness!!!

Beginning 10/27/15, we will be offering a "Mommy/Daddy and Me" class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11am. This class is designed to be a fun opportunity for parents/caretakers of young kids to actively play and connect with their little ones in a "structured" environment whereby they can also achieve some exercise. Again, emphasis will be on FUN and CONNECTION. Cost is $10 per class. I'm very excited about this one!!
ALSO...on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-1pm, the gym will be available for "open gym" type use. I will be there to help coach movements and provide guidance if necessary, but it will not be a typical class structure to allow for various schedules and/or folks with different fitness goals to use the facility and equipment (and ME) in ways that best support their specific fitness efforts. Again, I am available to help in whatever capacity I can. Drop-in cost is $10 per class.
Feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting some great, new folks!! -Dave

Dave Markwell -owner/coach

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Times they are a changin'...and so are WE!!!

Well, the time has come for a little re-boot. Time to mix things up, step things up and shape things up. Waterland CrossFit is becoming Waterland Fitness and while exercise will remain a focus, we will also be exploring some other elements of health and life that deserve some attention. Things like diet, sleep, stress, kindness, gratitude, relationships, finances and joy. The reason for this is simple: it's the right thing to do.
We don't live our lives in compartments. All elements overlap, and while exercise is vitally important, it can also be insufficient in delivering a high quality of life if some other elements are out of whack. In my experience, I have seen many very fit, yet still very unhappy people. Life is complicated and addressing all factors that serve to create or diminish joy and a higher quality of life just makes sense. Soooo, that's what we're doing...
We have some fun stuff happening that I believe can help folks improve and/or reclaim their lives. That is our goal and truly our mission. I want the people in my community to thrive in health and joy and live inspired and inspiring lives. And I believe I can help. To encourage your participation in this mission, we have a sweet deal for new members-10 classes for $20 for October 2015. Do this. It's a good idea and may be much more...  -Dave

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The REAL STORY about Waterland CrossFit...and a new beginning...

 Waterland CrossFit/Feel-Good Fitness Philosophy...AND SPECIAL DEAL!! -FREE WEEK TO CHECK US OUT!!!

In my 5 years of owning and coaching Waterland CrossFit, I have seen great things happen. Bodies and lives have changed. Movement is the simplest way to manifest these changes. We think and feel differently about the world and ourselves when we move our bodies. This changes everything else. It is powerful and beautiful.
     For some time, I have lived in a kind of "no man's land" between stereotypical CrossFit practices and my philosophy about it. Waterland CrossFit has never been a "traditional" CrossFit box. My philosophy has always been that exercise should complement life, not define it and that "feeling good" about moving our bodies and how this translates into better days and a better life is a valid result. I also understand that the often competitive, performance-based culture of CrossFit tends to discourage participation from (some) people who can benefit the most. These are the people I most love helping!!

     While I still believe that the "CrossFit" training model is the best exercise framework around, with the growth of the brand many perceptions, some quite critical, have developed. It is for this reason that I am "re-branding". I am re-branding not to "jump ship" from the things I love about CrossFit, but simply to more accurately tell the story of what we are:
     We are a local, community gym dedicated to helping regular folks achieve better lives. Period. We are inclusive and respect the courage it takes to "begin" a new path. We laugh and work and care about each others' lives. We don't care about how about fast you run or how much weight you lift or how you look in shorts. We care about helping you improve your life, through improved fitness, at a pace YOU'RE comfortable with. This journey is a personal one. We do not judge anyone’s journey. It is your journey, though we are here to support you in any ways that we can.
     Results happen through consistent effort and time. My goal is create an experience each day that people look forward to. Through joy and laughter and sweat, this experience impacts days in good and meaningful ways. Enjoying this experience makes consistency more likely, thus more powerful results more inevitable. Improving our health improves our lives and I want the people in my community to live good lives.
     I love our members and am committed to providing an encouraging, accountable, safe and fun place where people can make their lives better. We discuss nutrition and jobs and families. We share much and help and support each other where we can.

     Health is the cornerstone of any good life. However, other stones are important as well: community, a sense of “forward motion” and joy are all recognized as valuable. A balanced, healthy, happy life is my only wish for all of my members. So, if you are considering whether or not this is the right gym for you, I ask you to PLEASE come on in and check it out.
    To encourage your participation, we are offering a "special deal"...the remainder of APRIL IS FREE!!! If this schedule doesn't work with yours on such short notice, contact Dave to discuss available options!! Begin!!

Please feel free to contact Dave with any questions or concerns...

Dave Markwell
Owner/Head coach-Waterland CrossFit, Des Moines, Wa

We are located at 22306 Marine View Drive S. in downtown Des Moines (just south of the Dog House). There is street parking in front of the box on Marine View Drive or on 8th Ave S. directly behind the box (8th Ave. is a one way street so head North toward 223rd.)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

“A Feel-Good Life Program” kicks off at Waterland CrossFit!!!

When: Saturday, 01/03/15, 9:30 am.

Where:  Waterland CrossFit- 22305 Marine View Dr. S. Des Moines, Wa 98198

What: “A Feel-Good Life Program” is designed to provide a clear and meaningful framework for folks to ACT consistently in ways which will improve their lives. Simple and fun, this program allows for a very personal approach to organizing and designing a life which “feels good!!”
Any feel good life includes daily doses of some key elements: movement, diet, water!!, sleep, acts of kindness and gratitude. This program defines and tracks actions which produce results. Using philosophies of the “compound effect”, which state that small, consistent actions over time manifest in huge changes, this program is EASY TO DO!!! Understanding that life is busy and obligations are many, this program is intentionally designed to NOT be a burden or another onerous “to-do”. It is designed to create lifestyle habits which deliver meaningful results…FOREVER!!

This is a FREE CLASS open to ANYONE looking to jump start a NEW YEAR full of MORE GOOD THINGS that make us FEEL GOOD!!!

Please RSVP at: waterlandxfit@gmail.com or 206-271-8100

I look forward to seeing you there!!! –Dave Markwell –owner/coach at Waterland CrossFit

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy -vs- Healthy...

Through several years of owning/coaching a CrossFit gym, I have learned many things. I have learned better cues to explain movements to athletes. I have learned to identify appropriate progressions for individuals to keep them safe, but moving forward. I have learned when to push and when to pull people back. I have learned to identify subtle technical faults which can determine success or failure in an Olympic lift. And I have learned that none of this stuff matters if people are not happy.

One cannot be truly healthy without being happy and one cannot be truly happy without being healthy. During my tenure as a coach, I have encountered many very fit, very miserable people. This breaks my heart. It is fitness wasted. The point of fitness is, to me, to enrich life, not define it. We are many things and fit is only one of them. Being super-fit does not compensate for lack of joy in the other areas of life. It is a thin mask.

Likewise, I have encountered many unfit people trying/pretending to be happy without being healthy. This, too, does not work. Our bodies are designed to move. Our minds need our bodies to move. Our spirits need our bodies to move. All of life improves when our bodies move. Every measure of health and happiness is impacted by movement. There are no truly happy unhealthy people. They don’t exist. But, this is easy to change….MOVE!!!

“Laugh, sweat, leave” is my mantra regarding my box members. Laugh-enjoy the experience with other members. Sweat- work hard. Leave- take your healthier/happier self and share it with the people you love. This is worth doing every time and is profound in some magically unexpected ways…

Finally, there can be no “versus” in the happy/healthy relationship. They must co-exist to be at all. My coaching/life philosophy always addresses and emphasizes the need for balance in life, for joy in all areas. Rich relationships, proper nutrition, quality sleep, and movement are all vital elements to a healthy life. So are laughter and peace and fun and a sense of personal evolution. These are important things to think about…

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The "GOOB" Program for teens comes to Waterland CrossFit!!!

Waterland CrossFit introduces the “GOOB!!” Program for Teens!!

Beginning Tuesday, July 15th, 2014, the “Get Out Of Bed!!” Program kicks off!! Designed as a fun resource for kids aged 12-15 to “do something” besides lay in bed playing vids or watching stupid youtube cartoons, this program aspires to simply give kids a spot to gather, play and move for a couple of hours a day.

 Open from 10am-noon at the Waterland CrossFit gym in Des Moines and led by CrossFit and life coach, Dave Markwell, kids can play games, receive exercise coaching, or just talk to each other. There will be no schedule of activities. The kids can do what they want with what we have (safely), a notable exception being: no electronics!!!

It seems a void exists in our community for things like this, especially for this age group. As a child, I had the “Boys and Girls Club” in town as a safe and fun gathering spot. We hope to provide something similar.

Cost is $5 per day. 5 person minimum..so RSVP to ensure the gym will be open!! Feel free to contact Dave with any questions or concerns and to reserve your kid’s spot!!!

Dave Markwell