Tuesday, March 8, 2011

110308 WOD: Partners :o)

Today should inspire a little "friendly" competition...

Pick your partner wisely!!

  • 200m Farmer's Carry (heavy!!) if you put the weight down you must do 5 burpees.

your partner will be doing:

  • Max rep Wall Balls

the goal here is to get the best possible score (max rep total) however, your partner will determine how long you get to continue by how fast they complete their 200m. The partner on the Farmer carry should WANT to be HUSTLING so that their partner has less time to achieve a better score.

Let's see who gets the best score for each team!! Should be fun :o)

warm up: 2 rounds
10 recessive lunges (each leg)
45 second airplane hold (each leg)
10 close grip push ups

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