Monday, January 21, 2013

Make Happiness!!! Really??!! YES!!!

As a key element of any “good” life, happiness stands alone as the most significant factor. While many factors determine what “happiness” means to each of us, it is a very worthwhile study putting an eyeball on what these factors are. When we know what they are, we can make more of them or shape a plan to include more of them in our day to day business. During last weekend’s “BEST” program, we discussed happiness. Here are some (hopefully) helpful tips to think about:
Elements Crucial to Human Happiness:
-Pursuing meaningful life goals
-Scanning the world for opportunities
-Cultivating an optimistic and grateful mindset
-Holding onto rich social relationships
Happiness Creation Techniques:
-Meditation: breathe deep, count, focus on breath
-Find something to “look forward to”
-Commit “Conscious” Acts of Kindness
-Positive Surroundings
-Spend Money-on experiences with friends/family
-Exercise a signature strength
All of these exercises “change” our mindset. Chemically, the good stuff begins to flow and the bad stuff stops flowing. Our bodies are influenced by our mind in many complex and real ways. Our performance is absolutely linked to our state of mind. A positive state of mind is a powerful tool leading towards positive outcomes in literally every aspect of life; success in work, relationships, problem solving, creativity, etc, etc, etc…Huge science validates these assertions. We are capable of much more with a healthy, happy mindset. This seems like common sense, but not necessarily common practice. Deliberately and intentionally “changing” your mind…changes everything…
Feel free to call or e-mail if you want/need further explanation about any of these concepts! FYI…much of this information is available in “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor. This is a great resource for anyone looking for a deeper explanation about how and why this shit actually works!!!!! -Dave

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