Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy -vs- Healthy...

Through several years of owning/coaching a CrossFit gym, I have learned many things. I have learned better cues to explain movements to athletes. I have learned to identify appropriate progressions for individuals to keep them safe, but moving forward. I have learned when to push and when to pull people back. I have learned to identify subtle technical faults which can determine success or failure in an Olympic lift. And I have learned that none of this stuff matters if people are not happy.

One cannot be truly healthy without being happy and one cannot be truly happy without being healthy. During my tenure as a coach, I have encountered many very fit, very miserable people. This breaks my heart. It is fitness wasted. The point of fitness is, to me, to enrich life, not define it. We are many things and fit is only one of them. Being super-fit does not compensate for lack of joy in the other areas of life. It is a thin mask.

Likewise, I have encountered many unfit people trying/pretending to be happy without being healthy. This, too, does not work. Our bodies are designed to move. Our minds need our bodies to move. Our spirits need our bodies to move. All of life improves when our bodies move. Every measure of health and happiness is impacted by movement. There are no truly happy unhealthy people. They don’t exist. But, this is easy to change….MOVE!!!

“Laugh, sweat, leave” is my mantra regarding my box members. Laugh-enjoy the experience with other members. Sweat- work hard. Leave- take your healthier/happier self and share it with the people you love. This is worth doing every time and is profound in some magically unexpected ways…

Finally, there can be no “versus” in the happy/healthy relationship. They must co-exist to be at all. My coaching/life philosophy always addresses and emphasizes the need for balance in life, for joy in all areas. Rich relationships, proper nutrition, quality sleep, and movement are all vital elements to a healthy life. So are laughter and peace and fun and a sense of personal evolution. These are important things to think about…


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