Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The REAL STORY about Waterland CrossFit...and a new beginning...

 Waterland CrossFit/Feel-Good Fitness Philosophy...AND SPECIAL DEAL!! -FREE WEEK TO CHECK US OUT!!!

In my 5 years of owning and coaching Waterland CrossFit, I have seen great things happen. Bodies and lives have changed. Movement is the simplest way to manifest these changes. We think and feel differently about the world and ourselves when we move our bodies. This changes everything else. It is powerful and beautiful.
     For some time, I have lived in a kind of "no man's land" between stereotypical CrossFit practices and my philosophy about it. Waterland CrossFit has never been a "traditional" CrossFit box. My philosophy has always been that exercise should complement life, not define it and that "feeling good" about moving our bodies and how this translates into better days and a better life is a valid result. I also understand that the often competitive, performance-based culture of CrossFit tends to discourage participation from (some) people who can benefit the most. These are the people I most love helping!!

     While I still believe that the "CrossFit" training model is the best exercise framework around, with the growth of the brand many perceptions, some quite critical, have developed. It is for this reason that I am "re-branding". I am re-branding not to "jump ship" from the things I love about CrossFit, but simply to more accurately tell the story of what we are:
     We are a local, community gym dedicated to helping regular folks achieve better lives. Period. We are inclusive and respect the courage it takes to "begin" a new path. We laugh and work and care about each others' lives. We don't care about how about fast you run or how much weight you lift or how you look in shorts. We care about helping you improve your life, through improved fitness, at a pace YOU'RE comfortable with. This journey is a personal one. We do not judge anyone’s journey. It is your journey, though we are here to support you in any ways that we can.
     Results happen through consistent effort and time. My goal is create an experience each day that people look forward to. Through joy and laughter and sweat, this experience impacts days in good and meaningful ways. Enjoying this experience makes consistency more likely, thus more powerful results more inevitable. Improving our health improves our lives and I want the people in my community to live good lives.
     I love our members and am committed to providing an encouraging, accountable, safe and fun place where people can make their lives better. We discuss nutrition and jobs and families. We share much and help and support each other where we can.

     Health is the cornerstone of any good life. However, other stones are important as well: community, a sense of “forward motion” and joy are all recognized as valuable. A balanced, healthy, happy life is my only wish for all of my members. So, if you are considering whether or not this is the right gym for you, I ask you to PLEASE come on in and check it out.
    To encourage your participation, we are offering a "special deal"...the remainder of APRIL IS FREE!!! If this schedule doesn't work with yours on such short notice, contact Dave to discuss available options!! Begin!!

Please feel free to contact Dave with any questions or concerns...

Dave Markwell
Owner/Head coach-Waterland CrossFit, Des Moines, Wa

We are located at 22306 Marine View Drive S. in downtown Des Moines (just south of the Dog House). There is street parking in front of the box on Marine View Drive or on 8th Ave S. directly behind the box (8th Ave. is a one way street so head North toward 223rd.)


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