Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Times they are a changin'...and so are WE!!!

Well, the time has come for a little re-boot. Time to mix things up, step things up and shape things up. Waterland CrossFit is becoming Waterland Fitness and while exercise will remain a focus, we will also be exploring some other elements of health and life that deserve some attention. Things like diet, sleep, stress, kindness, gratitude, relationships, finances and joy. The reason for this is simple: it's the right thing to do.
We don't live our lives in compartments. All elements overlap, and while exercise is vitally important, it can also be insufficient in delivering a high quality of life if some other elements are out of whack. In my experience, I have seen many very fit, yet still very unhappy people. Life is complicated and addressing all factors that serve to create or diminish joy and a higher quality of life just makes sense. Soooo, that's what we're doing...
We have some fun stuff happening that I believe can help folks improve and/or reclaim their lives. That is our goal and truly our mission. I want the people in my community to thrive in health and joy and live inspired and inspiring lives. And I believe I can help. To encourage your participation in this mission, we have a sweet deal for new members-10 classes for $20 for October 2015. Do this. It's a good idea and may be much more...  -Dave

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  1. Hey Dave - It's awesome you are adding vitally important elements to your location by exploring diet, sleep, stress, kindness, gratitude, relationships, finances and joy along with fitness to help people thrive! It's obvious to me you care about the whole person!