Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Times they are a changin’…Part: who knows???

 Well, in life and business, change happens. It must for us to grow. Waterland Fitness is growing by shrinking. I am ending my year-long experiment with a larger space. The reason is simple: math. We did not need the additional space and the extra overhead makes an already tenuous business even more so. It’s simple economics. We are returning to our original back space, with some modifications, which served us well for several years. I am excited about being able to buy some new equipment and sponsor some fun events and this feels like a wonderful step forward to me…

Soooo, if you or someone you know is in the market for some great store front space in Des Moines (with cool neighbors!!) Let me know…

Also, in another other “expansion” effort, I am returning to the real estate business. As some of you may know, prior to beginning my Waterland CrossFit experience, I was a pretty successful agent with John L. Scott Real Estate in Des Moines. I am returning to these roots and I am excited about it. I have come to understand that my version of gym ownership (quaint and personal) is not a sustainable lifestyle job. My hope is that my real estate career can help fill in the gaps, certainly economically, but also as another avenue of service that I like and need very much.

 I love helping people have better lives and think that both of my little ventures allow me opportunities to do this. And, as always, I would love your support!! If you are ready to begin or restart your fitness journey, come on in!! And…if you or someone you know needs some help with home buying or selling questions…call me!! I look forward to helping in whatever ways I can. Happy Holidays!!! -Dave

Dave Markwell
Waterland Fitness owner/coach
John L. Scott Real Estate- Des Moines Office

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