Class Schedules and Current Fees

Waterland CrossFit class schedule is as follows:

6am, 9am - Monday - Friday
4:30-5:30-6:30pm - Monday  - Thursday
8am - Saturday

Our goal is to meet the scheduling requirements of WLCF members. With this in mind, please don't be shy about suggesting class times that may work better for you. We are diligently trying to provide the best service possible and need your help to achieve this!! Let us know what we can do to be better, for YOU!!!

We are also offering "Flex-payment" plans for folks committed to improving their lives, but need some financial support to do so. Talk with Dave about this...

We do offer a complimentary intro class: please call to schedule.

Current fees are: $15 drop in, $130 month unlimited. Family plans and punch cards are available. Ask Dave for more details or you can choose your option below.

Monthly Unlimited: $135 (inlcudes tax and processing fees)

Business Members Monthly: $115 (includes tax and processing fees)

10 visit Punch Card: $135 (includes tax and processing fees)

Drop in Class:
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