About Us

We are located at 22306 Marine View Drive S. in downtown Des Moines (this is the back side of the Alterations place and behind the Dog House). There is street parking in front of the box on Marine View Drive or on 8th Ave S. directly behind the box (8th Ave. is a one way street so head North toward 223rd.)

For questions please call or e-mail:

Dave Markwell
-CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer     
-Certified Life Coach

Dr. Genie Markwell, CCWP
-CrossFit Certified Level 1Trainer                             
-CrossFit Certified Nutritionist
-Doctor of Chiropractic &
    Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner
- National Level Fitness Athlete - NPC
-Junior Fitness Coach/Choreographer


Francie Romano 
-Power Yoga