Success Stories!!!

August 2012:

How has your life changed since beginning CrossFit?

"I am much stronger, more energy, big change in posture. Better muscle tone. I like the way my body shape has changed." Jan

"Lost 20 lbs, healthier, LIKE going to workout.." -Kathy

"More confident. Better shape. More energy." -Linda

"I just feel better." -John

"I have lost 35 lbs, since joining. Have run in numerous 5k events that I never would have before." -Todd

"More energy. I like working out. Feel better throughout the day..." -Scott

What do you like most about your experience at Waterland CrossFit?

"Workouts change everyday. I do things I'd never do in a regular gym. I get results!!!" -Scott

"It's not a high-pressure, in your face, gym. The workouts are programmed for me. Family is always welcome. Everyone helps each other out." -Todd

"I like the casual and welcoming atmosphere. Waterland CrossFit is very catering towards all levels of participants." -John

"Not having to think about what my workout is going to be. Short workouts, the encouragement and willingness to work around my physical limitations. The group of people." -Kathy

"The hands-on instruction. I often need form correction and I get that. I like the size of the groups. I appreciate the encouragement. Dave is an excellent trainer who is also a good motivator. This is a positive experience and I'm enjoying it. And I love feeling strong again!!" -Jan

Pattee wrote:
"I am one of those people who likes to go the whole 9 yards, so when I turned 40 in April, I decided it was time to start taking care of what I had. I started with eating healthy, then, in a few weeks I quit smoking and started working out with WII fit. Months later, I opt to join a friend doing this CrossFit, never heard of it but why not, I'll give it a try. Six weeks later and I have accomplished more than I would have accomplished doing the WII for 6 years. This is what true fitness is about! It feels good to push yourself to do the unbelievable. Today I did 200 Kettlebell swings and 200 box jumps, 2 months ago I would have laughed if you said I would be able to do that and walk away, but that's where I am today and can't wait to see what the next few months bring.
Thanks Dave and Genie for bringing Crossfit to Des Moines and to my life!"

Melissa wrote:
"ABSOLUTELY!! I'm in better shape at 41 than I was at 31, or even 21 for that matter. And I'm amazed what a difference the workouts have made in only 9 weeks. I can't wait to see what 9 more weeks, or 9 months for that matter will bring. I love that the workouts, while hard and challenging, are never intimidating... and I have ABS!! Real Abs! If you need more gushing, let me know, because I'm a believer."

Steve wrote:
"I started at Waterland CrossFit 4 months ago. I only train 2 days a week and love the results. I've lost over 10lbs but the muscle I've gained is very noticeable and the flexibility has made my energy much greater. I'm healthier and stronger than I can ever remember and I like what I see in the mirror. Not bad for a 59 year old. P.S. I'm running a 5K next week. Thanks Waterland CrossFit."